Questions? We've got answers!

How do your prices compare to other shed companies?

Typically our steel frame building prices are less expensive than online carport outlets. We are also typically the same or sllightly less for an apples to apples quote from other local dealers. Our local factory keeps overhead low and that lets us pass the savings on to you while still deliverying the best in design, quality and creative options. If you find a lower price on a carport, bring it in and we will compare it apples to apples to make sure you've been quoted correctly. And we will either match it or declare that you've found an amazing deal and should go for it. Honestly we've helped many people avoid costly mistakes when pricing buildings from online dealers. Our wood frame barns and sheds are also competitive with other companies. We invite you to compare quality and prices between us and other portable storage options to see how we truly offer the best value at an affordable price. The Defender series sheds are the best built units around at a price that is often way below what you get from the big box sheds and big name companies. Have a competing quote? Bring it in and we will see what we can do to match it.

Why should I buy from you when I can get a building online or from a big box store?

Two reasons: 1. Typically we are the same price or cheaper than online or big box. If not we will work to either match your price or show you why the price is different and what advantages the difference gets you. 2. You have a local, dedicated person with whom to interact rather than a faceless company. We're on your side to make sure you get the building you need. We know our business and the area and can help you with everything from concrete needs to land clearing and electrical contractors.

How long does it take to get my building delivered?

Steel Buildings: Average a 2-4 week lead time from order to installation. Actual construction time depends on the size unit you purchase. A carport typically goes up in 2-3 hours. While a large barn or shop can take 2-5 days. Wood frame barns and sheds: Average order to delivery time for custom ordered buildings varies from 3-6 weeks, depending on how busy the builders are and how many orders are in front of yours. Contact us to find out the exact current build-to-deliver time. If you purchase a pre-built wood frame building off the lot or from our 3-day stock, you can expect delivery typically within one week, weather permitting. Finshed cabins range from 10-15 weeks order to delivery time.

What is a "Repo" building?

A repo building is a building that has been returned from rent-to-own. The rent to own company owns the unit and sets the price for which we sell it. Typically a repo building sells for less than a comparable new unit. However repo units are sold as-is with no warranty.

What does delivery and installation include?

It means the delivery, setup (unloading and positioning on your site), leveling, and/or construction of your building on your level site. You are responsible for creating an acceptable site for your building. See the next question for details.

What kind of site preparations do I need to do before my building is delivered?

You must have a level site. Site prep is your responsibility. We have local contractors who can prepare your site for you if you need help. Contact us for details. For Steel Frame: Site must be level within an inch or two across all dimensions. For Wood Frame: Site must be level within 3"-6" across all dimensions. We recommend you supply concrete blocks to put the shed on. The delivery company will supply them, but it will save you money if you get them beforehand. Please visit our delivery page to see more about delivery prep.

What are your hours?

TUE - THURS: 9am - 5pm FRI: 1:30pm - 5pm SAT: 10am - 5pm SUN - MON: Closed Click here to view our hours.

Where are you located and what cities do you serve?

Our lot is in Liberty Hill, TX on Highway 29 between Ronald Reagan Blvd and U.S. 183. We serve all surrounding cities and can deliver buildings to nearly any part of Texas. Don't assume we can't reach you, contact us to find out!

Can I make payments on my building?

Yes, see our finance and RTO options here.

What areas qualify for free delivery?

For Lelands Barn and Sheds, free delivery is available within 50 miles of any manned Leland's lot across Texas. That covers most of the state. For Lelands finished cabins, free delivery is included within 100 miles of the factory in Grandview, TX. Beyond 100 miles it is $7/mile for delivery. For steel frame buildings, free delivery includes most of central Texas from the San Antonio area north to Fort Worth and from the Fredericksburg area to College Station. Call or email with questions about your specific location.

How will I be contacted to set up delivery?

Delivery and installation scheduling is handled directly by the factory. You will be contacted anywhere from 24-72 hours ahead of time to schedule the delivery and installation of your building.

Can I get a wood frame building painted to match my house or other structure?

Yes, it's a $180 upgrade to get your building custom painted. Please provide us with a paint code during the purchase process.

Can I get custom matched shingles for my wood frame structure so it matches my house?

Yes. Just like custom paint, it is $180 upgrade for custom shingles. Please provide us with the make, model and color of shingle.

Can I return my rent-to-own building or trade it up to a larger size?

You can return your rent-to-own building at any time by contacting the rental company and requesting it be returned. To trade up or down in size, you first return your old building and order a new one of the appropriate size and start a new RTO contract on that unit.

Can I make changes to building design such as height, size, color, doors, windows, etc?

Yes, we can accommodate most design needs. Wood and steel frame buildings have different specifications so contact us and let us know your ideas and we will steer you into the best structure to meet your needs.

For delivery of a wood frame building, does the big truck have to be able to access the final building location?

NO. The driver can drop the building before the final location and use the mechanical MULE shed tug to manuever the building into the final position. You still need the required clearances to fit the building, but the truck doesn't have to fit there, just the building.

Will you build on site?

Yes. All steel frame units are built on site. Wood frame shed and barns can be built on site. It only adds 10% to the price compared to the same unit pre-built in the factory. If you have a concrete slab and we build on the slab with the slab as the floor, then there is a 5% charge for building on site. Finished cabins are only built in the shop and delivered already built.

What are you doing to combat COVID-19?

As of 6/4/20, we are still open at our lot in Liberty Hill! We are a family operated business and there are usually only 1-2 people at our lot, reducing the difficulty of social distancing. We have hand sanitizer for your use and continually maintain the cleanliness of our office. Due to social distancing practices, however, we are available to assist you by phone if you so desire. Please contact us at 512-548-6474 and we will be happy to help you find your perfect building! Take a look at our Inventory page to see what buildings are currently on our lot, or check out our Facebook page and our Facebook Marketplace listings. Visit for the latest information on COVID-19.