Financing Options

Whether you prefer to pay for your building up front (by cash, check, credit card) or would like to make monthly payments, we have several options that can help you get the space you need and storage for your life. Read on!

No Credit? 
​No Problem. 
​Rent to Own (RTO) requires no credit. 




​​Have Credit?

Great! You can get 
​lower payments!


  • ​If paying with cash (cash, check, credit card), you will pay the required deposit and then the balance due when your building is finished.

  • For steel frame buildings from Central Texas Metal Buildings, the deposit varies from 10%-15% of the pre-tax total depending on the price of the building. The balance is due at installation.

  • For Leland’s wood frame buildings the deposit is 50% of the overall total. The balance is due when finished and then delivery is scheduled.

  • Leland's Finished Cabins require a 50% deposit and then the balance is due at the final walk through at the factory before delivery is scheduled. You will need to arrange your own financing. Click here for the link to Lightstream funding. RTO is not available for finished buildings.


  • Available for steel frame (up to $15,000) and barns and sheds (up to $25,000)

  • RTO is a rental program that allows you to make monthly payments on your building without any credit check. RTO requires no credit and features instant approval subject to certain price limits (see above.) Rent to own is NOT financing. It is a rental program with ownership options.

  • RTO for a Leland's building offers three paths to ownership: 1. 90 days same as cash. If you make your minimum regular monthly payment on time and pay the balance in full before the 90 days are up, you pay the same as the cash price. 2. Early Payoff 3. Pay the rental fee for the full term of the contract.

  • For more information on Leland’s RTO process for wood frame buildings, click here. Term options are usually 3-5 years and you can pay them off early at any time. The deposit required to order is usually just the first month's payment. More expensive units will have a security deposit added to the down payment.

  • CenTex Metal Buildings may be purchased with Rent to Own too, but you must own the property where the building will be installed. RTO on steel buildings is typically for 1-4 years. The deposit for RTO on a steel building is higher than the cash sale deposit due to the addition of a security deposit. If you want to complete an RTO application before coming in, that will speed up the process. Click HERE for the RTO application link.

  • There are two paths to ownership when using RTO for a steel frame building: 1. Early payoff 2. Pay the monthly rental fee for the full term of the contract.


  • At Moore Liberty Buildings we work with a third party to offer in-house financing --subject to your credit-- on steel frame buildings up to $20,000. For buildings higher than $20,000 use the link to SoFi below. 

  • External financing for sheds, cabin shells, tiny homes and finished cabins is available through SoFi. Click here for the link to their application.

  • Financing offers lower monthly payments compared to RTO.

  • In-house financing can provide a ZERO DOWN option if you are approved for an amount equal to the full total of your building plus tax.

  • You can be a renter or landowner. (Landlord permission form will be required if renting)

  • If your credit score is at least 630, you can apply and get instant feedback on your approval amount and interest rate.

  • Click here to complete a credit application* online and receive instant information as to your approval status, interest rate and amount you can borrow.

*RTO National is the company that performs the credit check for the financing. They control their credit application. Moore Liberty Buildings has no input over how the credit application is formatted or the information it requests.​ 

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