What happens after you buy your dream building?
Delivery Time

Steel Buildings: Average a 2-4 week lead time from order to installation. Actual construction time depends on the size unit you purchase. A carport typically goes up in 2-3 hours. While a large barn or shop can take 2-5 days.


Wood frame barns and sheds: Average order to delivery time for custom ordered buildings varies from 3-6 weeks, depending on how busy the builders are and how many orders are in front of yours. Contact us to find out the exact current build-to-deliver time.

If you purchase a pre-built wood frame building off the lot or from our 3-day stock, you can expect delivery typically within one week, weather permitting.

Finshed cabins range from 10-15 weeks order to delivery time.

Site Preparations

You must have a level site. Site prep is your responsibility. We have local contractors who can prepare your site for you if you need help. Contact us for details.

For Steel Frame: Site must be level within an inch or two across all dimensions.

For Wood Frame: Site must be level within 3"-6" across all dimensions. We recommend you supply concrete blocks to put the shed on. The delivery company will supply them, but it will save you money if you get them beforehand.

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