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HOA Friendly Shed

HOA Friendly Shed

PriceFrom $3,997.00

To request custom pricing and learn more about our HOA sheds, click HERE.


This HOA friendly shed can be customized to your liking. Roof heights start at 7' (as required by certain HOA's) and go up through 10' tall if you don't have a height restriction. Prices listed on this page include 7' or 8' tall roof height. We can also put together various window options that meet your specific needs. The window and ramp packages listed here will give you a good sense of the pricing but are subject to change depending on what final options you choose.


Our lead time on these sheds is 4 weeks.

  • Full Window Package Includes:

    • Transom window in door(s)
    • Vertical transom windows beside door(s)(2)
    • 2'x3' sliding windows on side walls

    Front Window Package Includes:

    • Transom window in door(s)
    • Vertical transom windows beside door(s)
    • You can choose how many windows you want. It doesn't have to be one of these packages. These are just for price estimates.

    Ramp Options:

    • Pair of heavy-duty, 4' long, 23" wide welded aluminum ramps 
    • Pair of standard-duty, 6' long, 23" wide welded aluminum ramps 
    • Both types of ramps come with with ramp threshold to allow easy repositioning of ramps
  • Base Price Includes:

    • Built on Site - installed on your level site includes concrete blocks
    • Pressure treated subfloor framing
    • 3/4" AdvanTech subfloor (moisture resistant)
    • 16" on center 2x4 stud walls and roof framing
    • 7/16" thick radiant barrier roof decking (under shingles)
    • LP Smart Panel & trim (resists fungal decay, water & termites)
    • 12" wide LP vented soffit overhang on front wall
    • 6" soffit overhang on sides and back (vented on front/back)
    • Shingles to match your house
    • Synthetic roof underlayment (above deck, under shingles)
    • Ice shield roof underlayment on 10' deep buildings
    • Exterior caulked & painted (two colors: wall & trim) ($115 to add 3rd accent color on the doors)
    • 7' or 8' max height depending on your HOA.
    • 6' wide x 6.5' tall double doors (3' wide each) (Single 4' wide door available if desired on smaller sheds)
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