8x8 Basic Shed

8x8 Basic Shed


Thanks for checking out our sheds! Listed below are the specs of this building!


  • 8' Wide x 8' Long
  • 6' Interior wall height
  • 6'x6' double doors with standard hinges 
  • 3/4" Plywood flooring
  • Gable roof style with a 5/12 pitch
  • Exterior Color: Shale 
  • Roof Color: Clay
  • Trim: White


Payment Options:


1. Cash, Check, Credit Card; If you buy this unit it's 100% upfront to get it delivered. 


2. Rent-to-Own (RTO); no credit check, choose from 24 to 60 month terms.


3. 90 Days same as cash; Pay for the building in full within 90 days of delivery and pay the same as cash price. (90 Days same as cash is an RTO contract.)


Term Length    Price Per Month

24 months


36 months


48 months


60 months



Any shed can be customized to fit your size, color, and options needs. Click here for more information about the buildings we offer at Moore Liberty Buildings! For the standard options on Lelands brand sheds click here.