Studio 8x8 - HOA Compliant!

Studio 8x8 - HOA Compliant!


8x8x8 Studio This shed works great if you have an HOA with an 8' height requirement.


  • 4x6 pressure treated runners
  • 2x4 pressure treated floor joists 16 in. centers
  • 3/4 BC plywood floor
  • Moisture barrier under floor
  • Hurricane clips
  • 1x4 trim
  • 2x4 wall studs on 16 in. centers
  • 8' over all height
  • (2) 2'x3' non-insulated windows
  • 2x4 rafters on 16' centers
  • 1' overhang all around
  • 29 gauge metal roof
  • Haley 100% Acrylic Latex Wooden Structures paint


Rent-to-own and financing options available!


Options on this display model:

Options: 3rd accent color on doors

LP Prostruct flooring

Siding: Light Gray

Trim: Dark Gray, Urethane Nature Walk

Roof: Shingles- Weatherwood