Features and Customization Options

Metal Building Features

Frame: All our buildings use galvanized, square steel tubing known for its strength and durability. Leg posts and roof trusses are spaced every 5'. On certified buildings, the spacing is every 4'. There is a base rail the entire length of all load bearing and enclosed walls.. 14 gauge is standard. Thicker 12 gauge frame upgrade is available. Tip: To eliminate the base rail and some leg posts, we can add headers to create the access and look you want.​
Anchors: Ground installations come standard with 32" rebar stakes driven through the base rail. Concrete installations come standard with expansion anchors. Optional auger and rock anchors are available for additional hold down strength. Tip: pour concrete slabs, footers and piers with a flat surface. Our crews install the anchors where needed at the time of installation.​
Sizes: From 10'x10' up to 108' x 300'. We can cover what you need. Standard sizes start at 12' wide x 21' long x 6' tall Tip: keep your freespan sections at 24' wide or less for the most economical pricing. Prices bump up when over 24' wide and jump up at over 30' wide due to the extra material required to support the larger span.​
Side wall heights: 6' minimum, up to 20' tall. Tip: Keep wall height at 14' or below to avoid mandatory lift rental expense during installation.​ Prices bump up over 12' tall and again over 14' tall. Tip: Center clearance height is typically 2'-2.5' higher than the side wall height. (eg: 18'x30'x12' tall RV cover has a center clearance of 14.5'.)
Roof pitch: 3/12 is standard (4/12-7/12 roof pitches are also available, ask about pricing) Tip: 5/12 and steeper must be vertical style roof​
Sheet Metal: 29 gauge, max-rib sheet metal is standard - upgrades available to 26 gauge max-rib and 26 gauge R-panel (the same material you'll find on any "red-iron" steel building). Tip: Color match scews are included with all 26 gauge metal upgrades.​
Enclosed or Open: You can get a structure with just a roof or you can get steel sheet metal panels put on some or all sides and ends. Tip: If the bottom side of a panel is low enough for someone to possibly hit their head, ask about adding J-trim to protect that edge and beautify your building at the same time.​ We can add interior walls as well.
Horizontal or Vertical Siding: Because our frames supports are spaced every 4'-5', it's least expensive for you to have the sheet metal panels installed horizontally on your building. If you prefer the look of vertical steel, we can do that as well! Just let us know. Tip: If a building is 15' or taller on the sides, vertical side metal is included.​​ ​Tip: Wainscot is having a different color metal on the bottom of the sides. This is a no cost upgrade for horizontal sheet metal. Ask about the price for vertical style.​

Customization Options for your Building

Walk-in Doors: 36"x80" steel clad, solid exterior doors are our standard walk in door. (No flimsy plastic doors here!) If you want more pizzaz, add a solid 6-panel door or a 9-lite door with glass in the top half. Tip: You can add your own doors and we can frame the openings for you!​
Windows: Our standard window is a 36"x36, single panel vertical sliding window with a screen. If you'd like to provide your own windows, we can create the openings and install them for you.
Sliding Barn Doors: Yes we offer sliding barn doors! Single or double, large and small. We can make your barn look sweet! Tip: Sliding doors don't seal and keep out bugs and air. In order to slide there are gaps all the way around them.​
Cupola & Weathervane: Yep! When you're going for the right aesthetic look, our cupola and weathervane are sure to make your barn pop!
Garage Doors: Roll-up doors & panel (overhead) doors --whether manual or electric-- are available to suit your needs.
Insulation: R-14 vinyl covered fiberglass, open and closed cell spray foam insulation optoins are available to protect your metal building for many years to come and provide for climate controlled interiors. The fiberglass is least expensive and the closed cell is the most expensive.
Gutters: Our gutters and downspouts are available on all vertical roof style buildings.
Porches, Awnings and more are available. Give us a call or email so we can help bring your vision to reality

Quality of Materials and Craftsmanship

All of our metal buildings have a one-year workmanship warranty
14-gauge steel frame has 15-year rust through warranty, 12-guage has a 20-year
29 gauge sheet metal (and trim) has a 20-year limited manufacturers warranty, 26 gauge has a 30-year limited manufacturers warranty.
Certified vertical roof buildings and all vertical (vertical side metal and roof) style buildings carry the 20-year limited warranty for 29 gauge and 30-year limited warranty for 26 gauge.

Advantage of buying from Moore Liberty Buildings​

We're local. We live here in the community and want to make sure you get the service and building you deserve. We have solid relationships with our factory and builders to make sure you are well taken care of.
We're knowledgable. We know how to spec and design good buildings that will save you money while accomplishing what you need.
We care. Your business matters to us. We're not some big corporation. Its Amanda and Chad Moore at the helm and your business keeps your dollars local and re-invested right back into our community. Besides, we're a lot more fun than those box stores!